Network Installation & Support

Computer Networking is our specialty. One of the most trusted computer networking companies in New York City, Genius Computer Solutions, certified network engineers, are experienced in the design, installation and service of local and wide area networks. In addition we run office cabling, install internet access, connect home or branch offices and provide consulting on network security. We can be on call for problems with the day to day operations of your Server, PC’s or Network.

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Server Support

We support servers running Microsoft Windows 2008 Server, 2012 Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Terminal Server, SQL as well as ACT, FTP & Web Servers.

Our Personal Computer supported Operating systems are Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1, 10, Apple Mac OSX.

Office Relocation & Expansions

Genius Computer Solutions is an experienced provider of network “disconnect/ reconnect” service for companies of all sizes. Our staff will help you pack up your old networks, computers, and peripherals in an orderly fashion and quickly and efficiently set them up at your new office. Call Genius Computer Solutions for a free consultation and estimate.


Genius Computer Solutions is an installer of many different types of cabling. We install computer, telephone & home theater cabling. We can be your one stop for all your cabling needs.

Internet Access

Genius Computer Solutions can provide you with fast & secure, company wide, High speed Internet access. We can install DSL, Fiber, Cable or T1 in your home or office. We coordinate the entire installation so you can focus on your business

Network Security Consulting

Did you know that when your company’s internal network is connected to the internet, company data and security could be compromised? Our team of security experts will close those holes and secure your network using firewalls and data encryption. It is imperative that steps be taken to lock down the network. An effective plan helps assure that only authorized users can get into your network. These are some of the Security Threats that are also troublesome and we can help prevent.

  • Unauthorized access to your network
  • Data theft
  • System Damage from E-mail Spam, Spyware or Computer Viruses
  • Accidental deletion of program, data or configuration files
  • Modification of existing systems & equipment
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Cellular Wireless

Genius Computer Solutions is a wireless solutions provider offering custom design to fully meet the mobile communications needs of our customers. We can supply, integrate and support cellular handheld devices (Android, Apple, Blackberry), cellular broadband, as well as other mobile communications products.

Remote Computer Access – VPN

Genius Computer Solutions can connect your Local or Branch Offices together to share important company data. In addition we can also set you up to fully have access to your office computer network from home. This way you have access to your computer files when you are out of the office.